College of Education and Human Development

Family Social Science

Abigail Gewirtz

  • Professor emeritus

Abigail Gewirtz

Areas of interest

Families and parenting
Prevention and intervention
Stress and maltreatment


Abigail Gewirtz, PhD, joined the University of Minnesota faculty in 2002 and retired from FSoS in 2022. She is an expert on prevention science, prevention and intervention, trauma, resilience, parenting, and children’s resilience.

She was the director of the College of Education and Human Development’s Institute for Translational Research in Children's Mental Health, that brought together researchers and professionals to bridge the gap between children's mental health research and practice to better serve children and communities. 

Gewirtz’s research focused on web-enhanced parenting among National Guard families with parents deployed to the Middle East and on how to increase access to services for Minnesota children and families affected by traumatic events.

She received her bachelor’s degree from University College London, England, a master’s degree from Tel Aviv University, Israel, and a doctoral degree from Columbia University.