College of Education and Human Development

Family Social Science

Ana Mireya Díaz

  • Pronouns: she/ella

  • PhD, Family Social Science

graduate student

Areas of interest

Education and Mental Health; Parents with Mental Health Conditions; Families involved with the Child Welfare System; Adversity and Resilience; Mixed Methods


M.S. Curriculum and Instruction - University of Wisconsin-Madison M.A. Educational Studies (Teaching and Learning) - University of Michigan


Ana Mireya’s research is focused on the interplay between social, cultural, and family-level processes that shape mental health and education in the context of families who navigate severe adversity. Her primary, often intersecting, areas of interest include families in which parents live with chronic mental health conditions, child welfare-involved bio families, and socioeconomically marginalized families. With her research she seeks to highlight protective factors and diverse repertoires of resilience operating at multiple levels.