College of Education and Human Development

Family Social Science

Community engagement, neighborhood context

Promoting connections between people who live in the same area, or share the same goals; acknowledgment and study of the role one's surroundings play in one's development.

Sara Axtell Sara Axtell

  • Lecturer and Faculty-at-Large, Cultural Wellness Center
  • she, her, hers
  • 612-625-0252

Axtell is the recipient of a 2023 University of Minnesota Outstanding Community Service Award .

sara axtell

Michelle Pasco Michelle Pasco

Michelle Pasco received a PhD in Family and Human Development at Arizona State University and before joining the University of Minnesota was a Postdoctoral Research Scholar working on the Arizona Youth Identity Project.

Michelle Pasco

Zha Blong Xiong Zha Blong Xiong

My primary research interests focus on the social and cultural capital that promotes (or hinders) healthy development in children, especially with children of immigrant and refugee families.

Zha Blong Xiong
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