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Michelle Pasco

  • Pronouns: she/her/hers

  • Assistant Professor

Michelle Pasco

Areas of interest

Ethnic-racial concentration
Adolescent development
Family processes
Ethnic-racial identity
Mixed methods

I am accepting new advisees for fall 2024 in the MA, PhD, and MA/PhD programs.


PhD, Family and Human Development, Arizona State University, Specialization: Measurement and Statistical Analysis
MS, Family and Human Development, Arizona State University
BA, Psychology, Asian American Studies Minor, University of California, Los Angeles


Michelle Pasco received a PhD in Family and Human Development at Arizona State University and before joining the University of Minnesota was a Postdoctoral Research Scholar working on the Arizona Youth Identity Project. Originally from the Los Angeles area, Pasco received a BA in Psychology at UCLA. Pasco’s research incorporates a culturally-informed lens to understand the lived experiences of ethnic-racial minoritized youth and families situated within neighborhood contexts, and uses different methods including, quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods to examine how neighborhood factors influence developmental processes and experiences such as ethnic-racial identity, political identity, discrimination, and cultural socialization. Her work is interdisciplinary, informed by perspectives from psychology, sociology, justice studies, and ethnic studies. In recent work, she uses qualitative interviews and photovoice to examine youth's identity and political and civic engagement centered around the 2020 election.

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Pasco, M.C., Hernandez, N., Owiredu, P., Madouh, M. (2022) An Intersectional Lens to Explore Political Identity for Latinx Young Adults in Arizona. Paper presentation to be presented at American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, California.

Pasco, M. C., Romanello, B., Roque, A. (2022) Arizona Latinx and White Young Adult Perceptions of Discrimination as Captured Through Photovoice. Paper presentation to be presented at Society for Research on Child Development Special Topics: “Construction of the Other”, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Pasco, M. C., White, R.M.B., Taylor, W., Zhao, J., Vega, C. A. (2021) A Mix Methods Comparison of Objective and Subjective Assessments of Neighborhood Characteristics in Latinx Neighborhoods. In M. C. Pasco (Chair), Objective and Subjective Approaches to Examining Neighborhood Environments for Youth Development. Paper symposium presented at Society for Research on Child Development.

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