College of Education and Human Development

Family Social Science

Research and topics

Technology and families Technology and families

Explores the interplay between digital technology (e.g., smartphones, social media, Internet) and family dynamics and its impacts on family relationships, youth development, and family members' well-being.

Sibling relationships Sibling relationships

The dynamics, influences, and outcomes associated with these relationships in order to inform theories about family dynamics, influence therapeutic interventions, and provide insights into the factors that contribute to positive or challenging…

Sexual prejudice, LGBTQ+ Sexual prejudice, LGBTQ+

Using diverse research methods to understand sexual prejudice and LGBTQ+ issues within the family context in order to inform advocacy efforts, contribute to the development of inclusive policies, and enhance the well-being of LGBTQ+ individuals and…

Sex therapy Sex therapy

A type of psychotherapy (talk therapy) to help individuals and couples address sexuality issues including sexual identity, sexual problems, gender identity, body image, sexual trauma, and sexual relationship concerns.

Resilience Resilience

Understanding how individuals and families navigate and adapt to challenging circumstances in order create strategies and develop interventions to enhance their well-being.

Relational decision making, divorce Relational decision making, divorce

Investigates the decision-making processes involved in marital relationships leading to the consideration and experience of divorce, including factors influencing couples' decisions to either continue their marriage or pursue divorce.

Prevention and intervention science Prevention and intervention science

A multi-disciplinary approach to developing, testing, and disseminating evidence-based strategies and programs that improve the health and wellbeing of diverse individuals, families, and communities.